Magento Website Development

magento web development
Magento is the new wave technology which has proven to be very effective when it comes to designing e-commerce websites that cater to mobiles and tablets. It is the no.1 preference for our web developers at Online Promotion UAE because it is very flexible and serves as a wide canvas for designing customized and appealing web portals which run smoothly on mobile and tablet devices. Using the technology that Magento has to offer ensures that the websites will be responsive and will not slow down the device of the user which is a big plus point of Magento.

With the success of this radical e-commerce software technology over a span of the last few years it has become widely popular in the USA and Canada among many other western countries. So, we offer this amazing technology in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Magento has been designed to facilitate online business ventures so as to increase traffic generation and optimize conversions, all this with the advantage of mobility. With the support of skilled enterprise resource planning this technology will help design multiple payment gateways with secure transactions, promote business through e-mail marketing and manage customer relationships all through one single virtual console.

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We say this with great pride and confidence because while some are busy making just claims we deliver night and day. We have been consistently offering effective assistance in brand promotion and online shopping for various brands whose growth trajectory has been remarkable.  We have a team of Magento web developers who know the ins and outs of this software and leverage its features like no one else. Our websites once created offer highly efficient cross platform functionality and user-friendly web portals.

Unmatched features offered by us

We have incorporated essential features in the websites that we have custom designed such as:

  • Incorporated all the turnkey features of Magento
  • Well integrated online shopping.
  • Comprehensive product display.
  • Mobile templates.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Multi website functionality.
  • Easy to use Shopping cart.
  • Integration options for courier and flights.
  • Integration with ERP systems such as SAP, MS Dynamics, Dydacomp Mail Order Manager, Oracle and more.
  • Custom integrations with tools such as Adobe Scene 7
  • Performance enhancement features and scalability
  • Customized Functional integration in accordance to specific client requirements

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When it comes to the success of e-commerce sites or online brand promotion the key driver is the software technology you use which has to work in tandem with the dynamics of the enterprise. Therefore it is imperative to have Magento implemented into the core of your web portal in order to enhance user experience and traffic generation. This in turn builds better brand reputation and online presence thus leading to significant rise in conversion rate.

Magento optimizes the overall business functions of your website but it does need tact and sound knowledge to be able to create synergy between Magento and your web portal. This is the reason why we are your first and only choice since we are masters in doing exactly this time and again. With a team which is well averse with crisis management and great analytical skills, our clients are bound to gain from this experience. Contact us to get the apt system friendly application implemented for your web portal’s optimal functionality and user experience.